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Stephanie Burkett Gerson

Founder and CEO

Stephanie is a Southern California native, and called New York City her home for seven years. She has wowed large audiences with her voice starring in lead roles in regional theater, national tours, Christmas and Broadway style reviews, and cabarets throughout New York City and Southern California. She has had the privilege of singing our National Anthem and "God Bless America" at professional sporting events worldwide. Stephanie also shares her singing and performing skills by teaching weekly private voice and piano lessons, group voice classes, and hosting Broadway masterclasses.

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Elijah Enoch Obcemea

Social Media Coordinator

Our motto is to create, educate and inspire. Bringing joy through music and the arts.

Welcome to SBG Studios!  We are a bicoastal in-person and virtual music and arts studio. Stephanie started teaching voice and piano in Southern California in 2001. After moving to the east coast to pursue her passion as a performer and voice and piano instructor, SBG Studios was officially established in New York City in 2017. The studio has grown from a singular teacher to an amazing team of Broadway performers, recording artists, professional singers and musicians all around the United States. Now co-owned by husband and actor Zane Gerson, SBG Studios continues to evolve. Our goal is to bring joy through music and the arts while focusing on discipline, hard work, and integrity on and off the stage.

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Zane Gerson

Chief Operating Officer

Over the past 20 years, Zane has had his hands in all aspects of the entertainment industry. After a successful career in CA, in 2011 he and Stephanie moved to New York City to grow and continue their performing career. After an amazing couple of years of performing in National Tours, regional theater, and around the globe, he decided to venture to the other side of the table and advocate for his fellow actors as an agent with the Daniel Hoff Agency. During his time with the agency, Zane was able to use his skills as a performer to help drive other actors' careers in NYC. He also led agency/auditions classes to help shape and guide performers in their material for successful auditions. Since being an agent, Zane has found a love for the tech industry, customer service,  and operations with companies like ShopKeep, Happy Money, Wellfit, and Pacific Dental Services. Being able to help facilitate performers and artists to achieve their goals is the greatest gift. Growing SBG Studios has allowed him to use his knowledge of the arts, tech, and operations to make the learning process as seamless as possible for our students.

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Voice/Acting/Ukulele Instructor

Lauren Elder


Violin Instructor

Edgar Sandoval

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Jaxon Tan

When I first came to SBG Studios, I was 12 years old. The second I met her, I could tell how passionate she was about music and how knowledgeable she was with her craft. Mrs. Stephanie always greeted my family and I with a smile, always excited to teach me. As I started to get older, my voice started to change, making it difficult to control my singing voice. She taught me how to control the new voice I had, as well as new singing techniques to use. For example, she taught me how to sing higher notes by making sure I was singing in a certain placement and giving me exercises that undoubtedly helped my voice go from straining a high note to a healthy belt. She is the best vocal teacher I’ve ever had and I am so grateful to be able to have a teacher like her.

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Jodie Tallman, parent of Kensington Tallman (Series Regular on Nickelodeon's Drama Club.) 

Stephanie has a unique beautiful ability to teach the craft of singing in a joyful, challenging and nurturing environment. Since working with Stephanie, Kensington has grown in her love and passion for music, and has given her the confidence and joy that she was previously lacking. This has enabled her to confidently approach each audition and job with a new found passion and skill.  She helped her find her voice and celebrates her unique talent. Since their time together Kensington has booked several singing voice over jobs. Personally, I have seen an immense development in her ability to trust herself as a performer.  She is singing joyfully around the home, and it has sparked a desire to create music everyday.  We are grateful for the partnership and would highly recommend Stephanie. Whether your child is a beginner or a professional, Stephanie meets each child where they are at and gives them the tools to soar.  

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Reagan Knowlton

I’ve been with SBG Studios for 3 years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it! I take voice lessons weekly, and my teacher has been so helpful and kind. Every week I’m given new tips and advice on how to better my singing, and it has helped so much! My voice has never been more controlled and strong. The recitals we have are a blast, and everyone gets to sing a song of their choice. Playing an instrument is also encouraged, and the positive atmosphere has really helped me gain a lot more confidence! It’s very clear that everyone here loves each other and what they’re doing, and I adore it. This company really has grown so much, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

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Margo Marcus, parent of Brooklyn Marcus

We love Ms. Stephanie and SBG Studios! The past 2 years have been a blessing. Brooklyn has learned so much and we really appreciate Stephanie’s encouraging teaching style. She’s very professional, helpful and kind. She was able to pivot fast during COVID and has a very strong ear for music to make zoom lessons successful if needed. The studio is always innovating and allows several ways to foster creativity and the arts. We highly recommend Ms. Stephanie for piano and singing lessons. She’s a bright light we are privileged to learn from weekly.

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Leila Sacks

Stephanie is absolutely amazing! She has not only transformed my voice, but has been the most supportive and encouraging cheerleader along the way. Since starting to work with Stephanie, my voice has become more powerful, expressive, resonant, and free. I find myself saying “Woah, that sounded good!” while rehearsing by myself and in lessons. Stephanie has taught me more about what is happening physically when I sing than any other voice teacher I’ve had before. She always has the best metaphor or exercise to get my voice right in its sweet spot. Working with Stephanie has made me feel more confident in my vocal technique, performing abilities, and, most importantly, in myself.

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Julie Proctor

Stephanie is an amazing teacher. When I came to her I seriously felt like I would never be able to expand my range, or hear the notes I am trying to sing. Her amazing ability to explain, teach, show, and use visual examples, truly help you fully understand what she means, and what she is trying to get you to do. There is a lot to singing, it is not easy by any means. It requires full body engagement and Stephanie truly helps you engage fully. I am so blessed to have her as my singing teacher, she is an amazing teacher, an amazing person and she is a true inspiration. She is changing lives, one note at a time.

Aliyah Sprague

I am really enjoying my acting classes at SBG Studios with Mr. Brad. He always takes his time with us and makes sure we are comfortable with any scenes we are asked to work on.

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Sofiya Sprague

I have a lot of fun in my singing lessons with Miss Stephanie at SBG Studios. She is an excellent instructor and I enjoy singing with her. I am learning to hold my notes longer and working on being more comfortable with getting my sounds out and using emotions. ~I am enjoying my acting instructors and appreciate that they make sure we are comfortable with our material. I always enjoy the skits and games! 

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